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Many evolutionary linguists believe that all human languages have descended from a single, primitive language, which itself evolved from the grunts and noises of the lower animals. But today in every language there is always the hidden codes which can prove why Code in Math or Binary is a Language of GOD. Therefore today the most spoken common language throughout the world is English language. Today our computers top high level language is English. As we know in English the base is Alphabets because  “Alphabets -> Words -> Sentences -> Paragraph” creates the analogy of English and Code. Hence to solve this analogy we have to use Mathematics.

Even Once Galileo, the Italian astronomer, mathematician and philosopher (1564 – 1642) said :

 Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the Universe

If you look around in every point, you’ll find yourself surround with these so called Numbers. Therefore something is always hidden in these Numbers and today i’ll show how these Numbers proves the existence of GOD in CODE and why you should learn coding and master this knowledge because in the end you’ll yourself learning the language of God which has the power to shape this present world of realities and Non-realities.

Consider this table given below which assign each letter with Octal Numbers System as  Every Alphabets have it’s power associated with Some Octal Numbers which is from (Zero)0 to 8(eight).

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

You Must be thinking why i assign these Alphabets with Octal Numbers powers. There is a reason because In computing One octet (and in the most case one byte) is equal to eight bits and has 256 possible values and even Letters are usually stored in a byte and also Day of the Programmer is an international professional day recognized in many technology companies and programming firms, that is celebrated on the 256th day of each year (September 13). This 256 a value well-known to programmers. Even In mathematics 256 is the lowest number that is a product of eight prime factors. So now you understand why i choose this standard of associating these English Alphabets.

For this proof we will use the Theory of Addition (‘+’ operator) means Combining these powers of Alphabets to get most common result i.e Equality.

Starting With this analogy ( GOD == ENERGY == EXISTENCE )
From Above Alphabet Power Table we have,
G = 6 , O = 5 , D =3

=>By Theory of Addition
=>5  Note this 5 Number Everything in this world is made of Five Elements.

Again From Above Alphabet Power Table we have,
E = 4 , N = 4 , E = 4 , R =8 , G =6 , Y = 6

=>By Theory of Addition
=>5 Note this 5 Number Everything in this world made of some Kind of This ‘ENERGY’

Again From Above Alphabet Power Table we have,
E = 4 , X = 5 , I = 8, S = 0, T = 1, E = 4, N = 4, C = 2, E = 4

=>By Theory of Addition
=>5 Note this 5 Number Everything ‘EXISTENCE’ is based on this number
In Computation Programmer Writes CODE,
=>By Theory of Addition we have,
=>2 + 5 + 3 + 4
=>14 =>1 + 4
Therefore this proves ( GOD == ENERGY == EXISTENCE ) == ( CODE )

Again =>By Theory of Addition we have ,
=> 5 + 5 + 5 + 5
=> 20 => 2 + 0
=> 2 Note This Number ‘2’ very important for you to consider at this time, this might be life changing !

Allow me to Enlighten you => If we look at the base of digital world it is based on Binary with Base 2 i.e. 0 or 1

Therefore we can say that the Universal language is ‘BINARY’ Our Ancestor Already know this and even our DNA is made up of two strands without which Human Genome CODE is not possible ..!

There is much more i can write on this because it is not a Coincidence or philosophy but a Transcendence of Binary which tells why it is Language of GOD.

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